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The Art of Evolution is an approach to human existence designed to unlock our greater potential.
Wazee, the founder, functions as a mentor and a facilitator guiding people into deeper alignment, balance, and realization. We are a community of evolutionary explorers that pursue our brightest.

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Who is Wazee?

Since early adulthood Wazee has focused his energy towards understanding life and how we can fully blossom as human beings. An adamant pursuit of fulfilling reality's potential has been the theme of his journey in the past decade.

Wazee is the founding owner of Adona Centre for Evolutionary Arts in Bristol where he functions as a spiritual mentor and evolutionary arts teacher. He also host 'The Art of Evolution podcast' exploring topics like self-actualization, integral spirituality, holistic health and more...

Wazee's style of mentoring is both potent and original directed towards positive transformation, actualizing greater levels of soul confidence and evoking the depth of our being. He draws his inspiration from sciences and approaches that involve psychology, philosophy, spirituality/consciousness, Yoga, holistic health, and meditation.


  • More and more recently I’ve been “aligning”, not just in thoughts, feelings, actions & behaviors, but on a literal energetic frequency. I call them truth bumps! I feel myself merging with my higher self in a way of vibrations flowing through my entire body. Since working with you they’re becoming stronger, more frequent, and more connected to my whole body. It feels blooming fantastic!

    Forever grateful 🙏🏼 I feel such a free flow! Extremely powerful ❤
    Jamie Lee
  • Thank You Wazee, Such an amazing session today, I absolutely love working with you!!! 💗 🌀 ✨
    Reiki Master Teacher
  • Prior to beginning my 7-day retreat, I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
    I didn't have much clarity and I couldn't connect my core energy centres. Upon embarking and surrendering to the guidance of Wazee, I began to deepen and feel an immediate transformation of thoughts and feelings. By the time our retreat ended, all my blocked chakras opened and I had established an inner calm with a sense of purpose and zest for life.
    This was a truly life-changing encounter...
    Tshaba Lala
    Public Investment Corporation
  • The mentoring I have received from Wazee impact my life in ways I didn't expect.

    From our first few sessions my perspective on life radically shifted; I became more in tune with my intuition and felt stronger and more confident in my sense of self. I began to realise a deeper sense of authenticity to that which I already thought I had - my vision of who I wanted to be & how I wanted to live my life seemed to fall into alignment, setting a clear path of perpetual growth and understanding.

    The knowledge passed through Wazee continues to radiate through my every action and I consider the sessions we have to be my most valuable time in the week... cannot recommend this love-filled and passionately knowledgeable individual enough to carry you deeper into yourself, having endless fun along the way.
    George Sargent-Childs
    Yoga Teacher
  • The difference in my life has been both profound and subtle.

    I have a much stronger understanding as to what it means to be living in alignment with my true self, my true nature. Wazee has through the sessions helped me realize that everything is perfect the way it is, no matter how you feel about the situation. My sense of presence has deepened and awareness increased.
    Things in my life seem clearer and making decisions seems easier, and on top of all that I feel more energised.

    Tip top 10/10 practise. Highly recommend.
    Testimonial: Callum F.
    Floatationpod Engineer
  • Working with Wazee has changed my life significantly.

    Around the time of my first BMP-session I suffered from depression and anxiety. The practice helped me realize how my mistakes don’t define me and how I can be happy independent of circumstance.
    In the sessions I went from worrying about the smallest little things to feel light and peaceful. It has also helped my sleep tremendously!

    Wazee is a great instructor who makes me feel that I can be myself completely.
    BMP has overall changed my life from an unhappy lifestyle to having a positive outlook on life.
    Testimonial: Mariem W
    Business Manager (MA)
  • After practicing for some time I can report some very powerful and transformative changes.

    Many addictions I struggled with are no longer present in my life. After every practice I feel lighter. I also feel a lot more aware and connected with my body and this feeling carries on throughout the day. I notice my personal relationships improving as well as I become more deeply connected to my heart.

    In all I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a practice that will expand their awareness and that they can commit to on a regular basis and incorporate into their every day.
    Testimonial: Kamal S.

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