Providing elements that aids human beings on the evolutionary path of consciousness
to live a life of true fulfillment, authenticity and ceaseless growth...

Signature offerings

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Unlocking human potential

Using the power of Breath, Motion and Posture to evoke deeper states of consciousness.
BMP is a holistic practice, inspired by Hatha Yoga, that involves simple breathing-exercises, movement, postures and meditation - all in one!
The practice is designed to upgrade your nervous system, increase inner wellbeing and deepen your level of presence. Optimizing the body, mastering the mind and heightening our involvement with life forms the foundation that enables us to unlock more of our human potential.

Unfolding meditation

Evoking a space for realignment, realization and rebalancing through guided meditations. A session designed to guide the practitioner towards the realm of pure being using the power of acknowledgement, awareness and embrace. The meditation generally unfolds in segments, shifting between postures that includes seated, standing and laying down. Breathing and movement is also incorporated when relevant. This practice has profound potency for self-understanding and illumination..

Location: Breathe Bristol, 20 Upper Maudlin Street, BS2 8DJ

12-week signature program

A one-to-one signature program designed to propel positive human transformation. The Art of Evolution is a program created for the sole purpose of connecting human beings with their authentic nature in the most attuned and efficient way possible. In this Wazee teach fundamental principles, practices and perspectives that aids people in unlocking more of their unique potential. A step-by-step guide to realign individuals with the trajectory they were designed to live and make their visionary life actuality.

Weekend workshops

Exploring the fundamental principles of self-actualization and self-realization. In this inception workshop Wazee delves into the facets of our human potential and how we can begin to unlock it.
The workshop is designed to propel positive transformation and produce insights that will aid us in actualizing more of our individual design. It will consists of a morning practice (BMP/Hatha Yoga), discourse on the relevant topic of the day and guided meditations.

What students of the approach have reported thus far:

  • Increased sense of aliveness and clarity in life
  • Deepened sense of inner peace and tranquility
  • Stronger connection with one's authentic self
  • Enhanced sense of presence
  • Easier decision-making
  • Improved quality of life
  • Who is Wazee?

    After having travelled around the world on and off for years Wazee is now residing in England as the studio owner of Breathe Bristol. At the centre of his being is a heartfelt desire to live authentically and purposefully. Since early adulthood, he has focused his energy towards understanding life and how we can fully blossom as human beings.

    His style of teaching is holistic, potent and original with much emphasis on positive transformation and evoking the deeper aspects of our being. Drawing inspiration from sciences and approaches that involve psychology, philosophy spirituality/consciousness, Yoga, holistic health and meditation. After years of development Wazee eventually created The Art of Evolution, a model of human consciousness oriented in living life to its full potential.

    Wazee's unique ability to assist and mentor others in their unique process of growth and flowering is a skill developed over the course of his own ongoing journey from limitation to self-actualization.

    In Wazee's own words; I don't take life dead seriously. I live it with a playful sincerity.
    Dedication, positivity, goodness...

    The Peak of Human Potential


    Testimonial: Callum F.

    "The difference in my life has been both profound and subtle.
    I have a much stronger understanding as to what it means to be living in alignment with my true self, my true nature.

    Wazee has through the sessions helped me realize that everything is perfect the way it is, no matter how you feel about the situation. My sense of presence has deepened and awareness increased.
    Things in my life seem clearer and making decisions seems easier, and on top of all that I feel more energised.

    Tip top 10/10 practise. Highly recommend."

    Testimonial: Kamal S.

    "After practising for some time I can report some very powerful and transformative changes. Many addictions I struggled with are no longer present in my life.

    After every practice I feel lighter. I also feel a lot more aware and connected with my body and this feeling carries on throughout the day. I notice my personal relationships improving as well as I become more deeply connected to my heart.

    In all I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a practice that will expand their awareness and that they can commit to on a regular basis and incorporate into their every day."

    Testimonial: Mariem W

    "My experience with Zee X has changed my life significantly.
    Around the time of my first BMP-session I suffered from depression and anxiety. The practice helped me realize how my mistakes don’t define me and how I can be happy independent of circumstance.
    In the sessions I went from worrying about the smallest little things to feel light and peaceful. It has also helped my sleep tremendously!

    Wazee is a great instructor who makes me feel that I can be myself completely.
    BMP has overall changed my life from an unhappy lifestyle to having a positive outlook on life."